"Codigo Latino" creating a dialogue with the Atlanta leaders.

Author:Aguirre, Yolitzma



There is a growing buzz in Atlanta this year. As we gathered back in June to meet the key people that have helped influence and build the Latino support in the community we heard the group speak about the "codigo latino" the Latino Code that needs to be in place, for everyone to connect and the topic was also raised on what needs to be done to elevate more Latinos into power positions. There was no better group to ask since among them we had the most powerful leadership from the corporate sector, both influential and actively, paving the way for the next wave. It is also noted that across the nation, in our interviews, Atlanta had one of the strongest representations of Latinas in leadership, including Coca-Cola's own Vice President, Strategic Partnership Marketing, Lourdes "Lou" Grill and attorney Brenda Lopez Romero also at that table, who is running for Georgia State House Legislation and if elected she would be the first Latina to ever hold that office. The Latinas of Atlanta were well represented!

As the night carried on, there was a lot of love and laughter in the room, it felt like a family dinner, but as we listened it made sense why the group was so warm, more than simply southern hospitality, we must look at the makeup of Atlanta's Latino community. This community was built on the unity of the families that came to the city in order to build a piece of history, Centennial Olympic Park. This is where the journey began for many of the leaders, with the 1996 Olympics, which gives this phenomenal group of leaders a unique and distinctive perspective on the current topic of immigration, a perspective we won't find in other cities.

As we head into 2016 and the current political climate continues to focus on the Latino vote, we look forward to revisiting the Atlanta group and meeting with the young rising leaders, as we continue to add to this growing "Codigo Latino."

Brenda Lopez

Brenda Lopez has been a very proud Gwinnettian for the last ten years. She is the Principal Attorney at The Lopez Firm, L.L.C. located in the heart of District 99 on Indian Trail Road. Brenda holds a law degree from Syracuse University with a National Security and Counterterrorism certificate and a bachelor's degree from Georgia State University in Political Science and Sociology. While in law school, Brenda was a law clerk for Georgia Legal Services Program, American Civil Liberties Union and an extern for the...

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