Code of the Forest.

Author:Richards, Geraldine A.
Position:Book review

Jon Buchan (author); CODE OF THE FOREST; Joggling Board Press (Fiction: General) 25.99 ISBN: 9780984107353

Byline: Geraldine A. Richards

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Good Guys Win! Even though there is never any doubt that Wade Mc Nabb with the help of Kate Stewart will triumph over the political and social influences of the "old boys network" led by Senator Buck Ravenel, Code of the Forest offers a well-told story with smart characters.

When reporter Sandy Anderson learns that the senator and his son, Tripp, have exchanged approval of an environmentally damaging phosphate plant for inclusion as silent partners in a lucrative real estate deal, Wade Mc Nabb, editor of the Georgetown Pilot, risks his newspaper to maintain the integrity of the story and to protect the identity of its source. Wade relies on Kate Stewart, a successful lawyer who mistrusts the goals of newspapers, to defend him in the libel case instigated by Senator Ravenel. Ravenel hopes to locate and destroy the traitor to the "code of the forest." At Bowman's Forest, a private hunting and fishing preserve, the code, grown through a network of favors given and received, is the way "bidness" has been done in the Carolinas for generations.

Code of the Forest is not just a courtroom drama. It explores the personal conflicts and motivations of its key characters. Wade and Kate, for instance, each bear a burden from their pasts. The book also recognizes the beauty of a fragile eco-system and the connections between personal and national histories. It celebrates the quiet crusader who believes "The truth shall set you free."

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