Code Ninjas CEO: Franchises Need Strong IP Protection.


Code Ninjas Co-Founder and CEO David Graham testified on behalf of IFA on May 1 6 before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business, telling members of Congress that franchising "relies on a strong intellectual property framework" as a crucial part of business success.

In his testimony, Graham--whose company teaches STEM education and coding to kids through a video-game based curriculum--said that the individual-owner franchise business model requires brand protection to ensure a high-quality and consistent customer experience, and the only way to give legal effect to brand protection is through intellectual property protection.

Graham highlighted franchising as a "system of licensing intellectual property where the franchises are small businesses that hire, fire and set the hours of their own people--but the brand controls the look and feel of the system so the customer experience is consistent."

He continued that when Code Ninjas was ready to expand, he chose the franchising model, in part, because of strong intellectual property protections in the United States. "These protections give me, and other small business...

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