Author:Williams, Jennifer
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Emma Trevayne (author); CODA; Running Press Teens (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 9.95 ISBN: 9780762447282

Byline: Jennifer Williams

The uplifting energy of music powers an all-consuming Corp in this engaging, fast-paced speculative fiction.

What happens if the very thing that nourishes the soul also poisons the body? Emma Trevayne's novel Coda explores what it might mean to have something as universally loved and enjoyed as music become both a controlled commodity and a weapon that keeps the masses in check.

Anthem and his friends aren't strangers to the seductive power of music. They know how it lifts the spirit and makes a person feel alive. They'd also consider spending their last credits on just a few more of the tracks they crave. And that's just how the Corp wants it. In this novel's imagined society of the future, the Corp manages everything from leisure time to memories. It has no intention of taking the addictive and mind-altering encoding out of the music its citizens are so eager to hear.

Anthem is a member of this postwar world's lowest caste, long ago forced into addiction, and daily expected to give up his personal energy to power the Grid. He won't last long this way. The energy transfers cripple his body, halve his life expectancy, and push him further down the same destructive path that has already claimed his mother and nearly his father, too. But Anthem's situation isn't without hope, and readers will cheer him on as he dreams of making good on his promises, opens himself up to love, and, together with his...

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