Cocktails With A Tryst.

Position:Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction - Brief article - Book review

Cocktails With A Tryst

Cheri Loughlin

The Intoxicologist LLC

Concierge Marketing Inc.

9780990568018, $16.95, 182pp,

Synopsis: In "Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction", author Cheri Loughlin artfully mixes 12 tantalizing stories with 27 original cocktail recipes that will keep the reader craving more. These sexy short stories are the quickies we all fantasize about. They are the quick fix breath of stimulation that keep you going during the day. Readers will love the way these erotic stories mix deliciously with sexy, sensual cocktails and exquisite photos in each chapter. Whether you are looking for a little inspiration in the bedroom or the bar you'll find it between these pages. Share "Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction" with someone special for a delightful kiss and don't tell kind of evening, or have some fun with the girls for Ladies Night Out. Whatever your pleasure, "Cocktails with a Tryst...

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