Coast Guard Service Day--Integration & Innovation for a Bold Future.

Author:Sanchez, Mark M.

The 2017 American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) annual Professional Development Institute (PDI) got underway on 31 May 2017, in sunny San Diego, California. As the premier training event of ASMC, this year's PDI provided an inviting meeting space where attendees could share ideas, strategies, and a few laughs inside the confines of the San Diego Convention Center.

Before rolling out world-class guest speakers and training opportunities, PDI began with a dedicated Service Day that provided each military branch the ability to host breakout sessions with its financial management community in attendance. In doing so, each Service had an opportunity to develop an agenda aimed at discussing current events unique to their organization.

This year's Coast Guard Service Day was highly successful and provided many memorable highlights and takeaways for the 61 military and civilian financial managers in attendance. Topics such as audit remediation, business process reengineering (BPR), and the Financial Management Services Improvement Initiative (FMSII) were on the minds of many attendees. PDI Service Day provided participants with the opportunity to hear about the status of these and other efforts directly from senior leaders, including Rear Admiral (RDML) Andrew Tiongson, Coast Guard Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Commandant for Resources; Mr. Craig Bennett, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources and Deputy Chief Financial Officer; and Mr. Mark Rose, Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller.

Commander (CDR) Shad Thomas, the Coast Guard's Financial Management Program Manager, facilitated Service Day and highlighted the importance of bringing the community together in an effort to build camaraderie, and the value Service Day provides the organization for sharing information and ideas.

RDML Tiongson commenced the day's first breakout session with an insightful and inspirational presentation on the state of Coast Guard financial management. In his speech, he expressed his profound satisfaction in his role serving as the Coast Guard's Chief Financial Officer, and the pride he has in the Coast Guard financial management workforce. With a focus on exemplary resource stewardship and decision support that enables Coast Guard mission success, RDML Tiongson highlighted the importance of the financial management mission--"Obtain, allocate, and ensure the proper accountability and reporting of resources through superior strategic...

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