Coal barons.

Author:Stern, Gerald

What she was doing there in the first place was resting her tired back after the journey from Lexington to Park and so on and sat herself down first on one of the stones guarding a building and then on one of the chairs in the theater district in the designated space for the weary of spine--at last--though she would call it exhausted of hearts for everything in New York becomes transformed into something else and it is that something else we love to die for and like a weeping garland she will end up in a clowns suit which I knew a little from wearing a crepe disguise going from house to house collecting apples with razor blades inside them and dumping it all on the kitchen table coughing my lungs out from the filthy air and the journey itself begging for Mars Bars and cashews since I was finally a pirate in crepe as my son was a corpse in a coffin his mother and her friend made from a cardboard box painted black and he was heavily powdered such that the...

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