Author:Fitch, K. K.

Marty Brounstein

ISBN #0-7645-5223-6

Published by IDG Worldwide Books, Inc.,

Reviewed by KK Fitch, Consultant, ABC'S

Brounstein is a principal in a San Francisco Bay area training and consulting firm that specializes in management and organizational effectiveness. He is a consultant, speaker and trainer. This book places his work practices and experiences in a narrative form, rather than in an instructional format. Easily, it could have been titled "Living and Interacting With Humankind." Previous to this book, he authored Handling The Difficult Employee: Solving Performance Problems and co-authored A Practical Guide for Managers, and Effective Recruiting Strategies: A Marketing Approach. In the present expanded work, Bounstein presents coaching and mentoring "How To" at its highest level. For the new, or expanding entrepreneur, it is recommended that the above-listed books be read in reverse order.

This book is effective for any number of audiences--parents, teachers, managers, students, ministers, etc. Students would derive much needed working examples of life and living. This should be included as required reading for all who engage in the proverbial climb up the ladder of success, albeit personal or professional. It is a "must have" ready reference for managers at any level.

Directly behind the front cover, you will find a two page "Cheat Sheet" summarizing the contents of the book. The Table of Contents is well-organized in six parts and made up of 20 chapters. They offer sound, easily understood advice on the positive technique of coaching and mentoring. It will take you from doing to delegating in an assertive manner, while motivating and grooming your employees. This process would increase your productivity and enhance employee morale, while turning disciplinary actions into 'feed-back' sessions that calm the most confrontational employee. Then you are able to...

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