CNN and Trump: A Noxious Marriage.

Author:Niman, Michael I.
Position:Up Front

Not content to let the nation celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in peace, CNN and the president were back at it, twisted together in a grotesque display of dystopian linguistic coitus. So lets just lay this vile relationship bare for what it is: Donald Trump and CNN are codependent partners. CNN made Trump, who intentionally or not returns the favor by undeservingly elevating their journalistic street cred while driving their viewership and mad web-click numbers. We're living through the CNN presidency.

Though flirting for years, the CNN-Trump romance got really wet and wicked in 2015 when Trump announced his presidential run in 2015 with a staged photo/ video op of him and his family descending into the gilded lobby of Trump Tower on an escalator to the tune of Neil Youngs "Rockin in the Free World." The corporate media didn't quite know how to frame this freak show--and I use the term here with all due respect to professional performers who self-identify as "freaks."

Verizon's Huffington Post made the editorial decision to cover this chapter of the Trump Show in its entertainment section, along with Kardashian updates and celebrity rehab stories. Right-wing spin outlets--all geared up to frame right-wing nut Ted Cruz as presidential material up there with the great ones like Scandal's Fitzgerald Grant III--suddenly had their scripts shredded. Not quite knowing what to do with an unapologetically hedonistic, conspicuously womanizing, non-Christian, narcissistic, trashy showman, they initially fumbled and sputtered, continuing to cover poll-leading candidates and policy debates.

But there was CNN. Early in the primary season...

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