CNC gear hobbing machine--diverse range of part configurations.

Position::Product spotlight - Brief article

The heavy-duty Model 300 provides for a bigger part diameter, coarser diametral pitch, and bigger hob capacity than traditional Koepfer hobbing machines. The biggest advantage of the Model 300 is that it is equally suited to handle traditional Koepfer parts, as well as the new increased capacity workpieces.


Model 300 has nine axes of CNC control with the gantry loading system, allowing for nearly all (parallel-axis or cylindrical) gear cutting applications, including the timing of one gear to another on the same workpiece and the timing of a gear tooth to an external or internal feature. Model 300 provides a maximum module of 6.35dp (4mm) with a maximum workpiece diameter of 7.677" (195mm), and a maximum workpiece length of 19.685" (500mm) when manually loading (11.811" or 300mm with automatic loading). The design concept of...

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