CNC carbide cutoff system feature-laden.

Position:IMTS 08 Hall B

A Nishijimax CNC Carbide Cutoff System is an option to replace three to four production saws, and to cut more parts per hour and more parts per blade than a standard production saw.


Developed in 1990, Nishijimax Cutoff Technology was originally introduced to improve the uptime demands of Japanese automotive forgers. By integrating Cutoff Technology into a sawing machine, Nishijimax has achieved reductions in operations (cuts from 50 to 7 sec.), high rpm with minimal kerf and swarf and greater chip load than other production saws.

Nishijimax Systems are equipped with a range of features that promote productivity. Designed for fully automatic cycles, all Nishijimax saws feature auto loaders and bar stockers.

With Nishijimax's NC Saw Spindle Feed Axis, a precise feed rate is set automatically and input chip load is maintained. The saw blade...

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