Plasmid CMO VGXI, Inc. and Geneos Therapeutics, Inc., a spin-out of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, have entered into a long-term master supply agreement. The agreement will leverage VGXI's highly experienced management team and decades of plasmid manufacturing proficiency to establish small-scale and rapid turnaround production services ideally suited for the personalized therapy approach. VGXI's proprietary plasmid manufacturing process is recognized for providing the highest purity and supercoil fraction for DNA-based pharmaceuticals, in particular DNA vaccines. To meet urgent patient needs, this process will be optimized to enable turnaround times 1/10 of that for standard GMP grade products without compromising product quality. Completion of all process development, qualification, and validation activities at VGXI is projected by end of 2019, with clinical grade production of patient-specific DNA-plasmid based products for human clinical use by 1Q 2020.

Geneos Therapeutics is developing neoantigen-targeting, personalized cancer immunotherapies based on its clinically validated Exquisitely Personalized Immunotherapies for Cancer (GT-EPIC) Platform.

About VGXI, Inc.

VGXI, Inc. has over 15 years of experience and is a provider of manufacturing and development services for DNA vaccines and gene therapies. The company has a reputation of success in manufacturing DNA products under cGMP conditions for clinical trials in the US, EU, Asia, Canada, and Australia, and its cGMP and non-GMP products have passed rigorous reviews by several international regulatory agencies. VGXI's ability to work with unique requirements and create custom manufacturing solutions is based on its patented manufacturing process, flexible cGMP production facility, and experienced development team. VGXI, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary CMO of GeneOne Life Science, Inc.

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About Geneos Therapeutics' GT-EPIC Neoantigen-Targeting Platform

Geneos Therapeutics' GT-EPIC Neoantigen-Targeting Platform is based on a clinically-validated DNA vaccine platform exclusively licensed from Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: INO) for use in developing personalized, neoantigen-targeting immunotherapies. The platform has been used extensively and safely by Inovio Pharmaceuticals in the clinical treatment of...

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