CM's cover: the rest of the story".

Author:Levin, Dan
Position:Four for the Outdoors - Brief Article

There are stories about stories, and stories about magazine covers, but this is the first story about a CM magazine cover. Doesn't it deserve one? What better way to illustrate the concept of Marine Protected Areas in New England than with artist Kathy Johnston's version of an underwater Garden of Eden, entitled Just Outside Boston?

Johnston, of Malvern, Pennsylvania, grew up in the 1960s on southern New Jersey's Great Bay. "My grandfather was a recreational fisherman, and he inspired me," she says. "We'd go fishing on the bay, he'd catch a weakfish or a flounder, usually a throwback, and he'd say, `Take a good look at this fish. Then draw a picture of it when you get home.'"

She did, and got better and better at it. In 1997, at the American Academy of Underwater Sciences' (AAUS) annual symposium, her offer to paint and donate a local marine scene -- every year -- was readily accepted. It would be transferred...

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