Clumsy Crab.

Author:Lane, Margaret
Position:Brief article - Book review - Children's review

Clumsy Crab

Ruth Alloway

Tiger Tales

PO Box 70, Iron Ridge, WI 53035

1589250508 $15.95

Charmingly written and colorfully illustrated by Ruth Alloway, Clumsy Crab is the picturebook tale of Nipper, a loveable crab with huge, clumsy claws. No matter what games Nipper plays with his friends, those claws always get in the way! So the friends decide to play hide-and-seek (which is something they can all do together) but Nipper's claws ruin his hiding place! So instead, Nipper looks for his friends while they hid. He finds Turtle and Jellyfish, but there's no sign of...

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