CloudMe has unveiled a major update to the CloudMe desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux. The intention has been to blur the line between the CloudMe online service and its desktop software. View folders synced to the local computer as easy as folders only available in the cloud. Further any folder shared may be viewed in the cloud without syncing to a computer or requiring a CloudMe account. The desktop application presents the state of all your computers and the cloud in an integrated view, instead of only being a tool for keeping files up to date in a single folder. CloudMe allows configuring any folder to be synced or shared to the computers and devices of choice. Even though a folder is not synced, it will be available from the user interface, and its contents can be brought up in a web browser by double clicking it. "CloudMe has taken many steps forward with this release and further distinguishes itself from the competition with a real desktop user interface and great capabilities to also access content only available in the cloud - in some aspects it almost feels like using a new service," says Daniel Arthursson, Founder/CEO of CloudMe CloudMe provides a...

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