Climbing the Ladder and Putting It All Together

AuthorJeffrey Robert Matsen
ProfessionFounder and managing partner of Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP
Climbing the Ladder and
Putting It All Together
In the previous chapters of this book, we have discussed the various steps on the Ladder of Success with
respect to the design, implementation, and maintenance of a successful Estate and Asset Protection Plan.
Now that the reader has a basic understanding of what is involved in putting together a program that pro-
tects and preserves assets, we must examine how one goes about initiating and implementing the process.
Action 1
The first and most crucial step is to find the right attorney and advisor who can help design and imple-
ment the plan. The attorney should be very knowledgeable in both Estate and Asset Protection Planning,
in addition to having a good background in business and tax planning. Personal references should be
sought out from other advisors, such as CPAs and financial planners, and the internet can be partially
utilized to find and verify the expertise of the attorney with whom you choose to work. Here are some
helpful hints with respect to selecting the proper attorney:
•The attorney should have substantial experience in the Estate, Asset Protection, and Business
Planning areas. This degree of expertise should be reflected by the years he or she has practiced,
the attorney’s background and training, and the attorney’s reputation for competency and ethics.
•The attorney should have the proper network and contacts with Trust companies, corporate and
LLC agents, bank officers, and other contacts relative to the design and structure of the plan.

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