Climate change and development policy conference.

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Climate change presents a major challenge for developing countries. Despite growing evidence to support low-carbon and climate-resilient strategies, many countries have yet to mainstream climate change within their national development plans. Bridging the gap between climate research and development policy is crucial. UNU-WIDER conference on 'Climate Change and Development Policy' aims to reflect the diverse range of perspectives on how to balance climate change and development objectives. The conference will evaluate how available research can inform development policy and identify existing knowledge gaps. Researchers and policy makers will be brought together to advance knowledge of development and climate change.


The conference focuses on both low-carbon development (mitigation) and climate-resilient strategies (adaptation). Conference speakers will present a series of studies that (1) emphasize the link between climate change, socioeconomic outcomes and policy responses, and (2) evaluate how adaptation and/or mitigation policies influence development processes and policies. All of the presentations focus on developing countries or regions.


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