Clewell, David. The low end of higher things.

Author:Beschta, James
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Univ. of Wisconsin Press. 112p. c2003. 0-299-18574-5. $14.95. SA

This is Clewell's seventh collection of poetry, and after reading it my biggest regret is that I haven't read the previous six. The characters, situations, even the hard-earned insights Clewell offers, are both tangible and familiar, are parts of the real world of commuter trains, flea markets and S & H green stamps. They reflect the underbelly, the "conventional wisdom," of our culture, the whispers of incredible gas mileage kept from the public, the bumbling dark side of the CIA and its secrecy, the existence of UFOs. those rumors constant[y afloat in our society.

Clewell presents this accessible and recognizable world in a compelling narrative style and with a vibrant cleverness that clearly conveys his obvious delight in words, in language itself, And...

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