Clemson partners with Curio Wellness for cannabis tissue research.

PositionClemson University College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

The Clemson UniversityCollege of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciencesis working withCurio Wellnessto conduct a two-year research project to advance plant tissue science for the medical cannabis industry.

Headquartered in Timonium, Md., Curio Wellness is a licensed medical cannabis company and innovator of health and wellness products derived from cannabis.

"Clemson University is recognized as one of the top agricultural and horticultural schools in the world," Matt Taylor said, applied science director for Curio Wellness, said in a news release. "Through our partnership, we are building the knowledge base for cannabis tissue culture, which in its current state is inadequately understood. The ultimate goal is genetic preservation, which will enable us to continue cultivating high quality, plant-based medicine for patients in Maryland and beyond."

Tissue culture is an important tool in horticulture and involves growing plants aseptically, or in an environment free of microorganisms and pathogens. The aim is to protect plants from viral pathogens while improving production efficiency, the news release said.

Jeff Adelberg, an expert in plant tissue culture and a horticulture professor at Clemson, will lead a team involving both the University and Curio Wellness in the study.

"This project is unique in that both organizations will conduct research using our individual plant collections," Adelberg said in the release. "Research conducted at Clemson will be shared with Curio for use on their plants in Maryland. They have the medical expertise to create the best products from cannabis. This collaboration creates...

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