Clear Aligners Are Becoming All the Rage.


Instead of traditional metal braces, more people are opting for clear aligners. "There are a lot of new clear aligner products hitting the market now, but many patients seem to be misinformed about them," says Michael McCarthy, author of The Smile ot Your Dreams: Birmingham Orthodontics'Guide to an Exceptional Patient Experience.

Clear aligners, like metal braces, are customized for each patient's mouth to fit snugly and securely. 'They can be removed by the patient for sports and eating, as well as for regular cleaning of the teeth and the aligner."

Over time, aligners, which cost about the same as metal braces, will move teeth both horizontally and vertically as needed. Patients typically visit the orthodontist every eight to 12 weeks to receive a new set and to check on progress.

Clear aligners work just as effectively as metal...

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