Claws and Effect.

Author:McCorquodale, Pallas Gates
Position:Brief article - Book review - Young adult review

Chris Kientz, Steve Hockensmith, and Lee Nielsen (illustrator); CLAWS AND EFFECT; Smithsonian Books (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 10.95 ISBN: 9781588345677

Byline: Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Combining the colonial with the cretaceous, co-authors Chris Kentz and Steve Hockensmith cook up a smart new adventure in Claws and Effect. On their way home from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum -- and first-time travel experience -- classmates Ajay, Josephine, Eric, and Dominique can't help but notice that their neighborhood is overrun with dinosaurs, and no one seems concerned. Using data access retrieval conduits, or "DARCs," in the shape of wristwatches, the gang is sent back in time to America's first World's Fair in Philadelphia, 1876, where "someone's messing with history."

Picking up where The Wrong Wrights: Secret Smithsonian Adventures #1 left off, Claws and Effect jumps right into action that follows the continuous trail of destruction left by the greedy Barris brothers and their scheming cohorts, this time centered around the National...

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