Classroom control.

Author:Lynch, Mike
Position:Teachers' Power Grab - California Teachers Association negotiations - Brief Article

TEACHER PAY, WORKING conditions, and benefits apparently aren't enough to keep the California Teachers Association busy. It wants to negotiate over everything that takes place in the classroom, setting curriculum standards, developing policies of parental involvement, and selecting textbooks at the bargaining table. California state assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg (D--Los Angeles) is sponsoring a bill that would give the union a say in all these areas.

The union says it needs expanded authority to control classroom details because its members are being held accountable for classroom performance. "There's been a tremendous emphasis put on accountability, holding teachers accountable for what's happening and for test scores," union President Wayne Johnson told Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub. "Because we can only bargain over wages, hours and working conditions, we are being held accountable...

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