Classified Advertising, 0216 WYBJ, Vol. 39 No. 1. 60

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Classified Advertising

Vol. 39 No. 1 Pg. 60

Wyoming Bar Journal

February, 2016

Classified advertising rates are $1.00 per word with a 20-word minimum. The Wyoming Lawyer is published every other month beginning in February. Mail copy, with payment, to Wyoming State Bar, P.O. Box 109, Cheyenne, WY 82003, or e-mail copy and billing address to For more information, contact Sharon Wilkinson at (307) 432-2102.


ARCHITECTURAL EXPERT - Wyoming resident Architect with over 40 years general practice experience and 30 years expert witness experience. Offering expert services related to construction, professional liability, and slip and fall disputes in the state of Wyoming. More information at Enquiries to: Ken Richardson (307)332-2749.


MINERAL TITLE CONSULTANT -Professional mineral title reports researched and prepared for probate, real property exchanges, investors, and energy companies. Nationwide experience. James E. Wann, Rocky Mountain Land Services,LLC. (307) 532-7300 or (307) 532-6016.


WYOMING LAWYER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (WyLAP) - If you, a friend or colleague is in trouble, seeking professional help can make a difference. There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family. You do not have to manage alone. Once you have made the call, you have taken the first step. We will take the next step with you.

WyLAP offers confidential assistance in the following areas: • Stress, Anxiety, Burn-Out and Depression

• Alcohol and Drug Abuse

• Prescription Drug Problems

Make the confidential phone call to Jack Speight...

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