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The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution

Marla Heller, MS, RD

Grand Central Publishing

c/o Hachette Book Group

237 Park Avenue, 16th Floor

New York, NY 10017

9781455512799, $22.99

Holiday time is over, spring is around the corner, and you wonder about what I will look like in shorts! Well, there is a new diet book, which is a quick fix to help you drop pounds, boost metabolism, and get healthy! "The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution by Marla Heller, MS, RD contains a full education for the neophyte dieter! Even old hands will gain a new understanding of how their body works and what they can do to improve it.

  1. S. News & World Report names it the "Best Overall Diet" and the "Healthiest Diet." If that is not enough, think about the benefits it implies, DASH, (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). "It lowers cholesterol and improves brain function."

    Additionally, some great side effects of this diet of the DASH diet according to Heller are lower rates of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and some types of cancer, including BRCA negative breast cancer. The eating plan advocated by DASH makes it less likely to develop diabetes or kidney stones.

    A straightforward no-nonsense approach is how this book explains what ordinary people can do to improve their health and their wallets. Obese people spend $1,500 per year extra for medical care than someone of healthy weight according to Heller. Learning in this style is easy because everyone needs to avoid those things that will ultimately kill him or her at a younger age than the normal. Based upon scientific research, this eating plan discusses how some of the fad diets of the past were not all they were cracked up to be.

    One outstanding feature of this book is the charts, which you can use to track your own goals for healthier living. A check-off list for your personal health risks draws you into recognizing the need for a reduction of harmful things:

    Is your waist size too large?

    Blood pressure too high?

    Cholesterol or triglycerides too high?

    Eating too many fried foods?

    These are a few examples of the harm recognition only you can know about yourself. Knowing what to do about them is what this book is about. Is this plan for you? Can you do it without a doctor? You make the decision and the key is following it.

    Another chart title is "My Actions to Get Started with the DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution." Here you face making a plan for success by facing the challenges that...

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