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Author:Isaacs, Clark
Position:Tony and Susan - Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse And the World at Large - Book review

Tony and Susan

Austin Wright

Grand Central Publishing

9780446582902 $24.99

Almost two decades ago, Austin Aright published his novel titled, "Tony and Susan," but never gained wide readership. Wright passed away in 2003 at 80 years old. This novel has been resurrected from the original edition published in 1993. Wright published six other novels, several critical studies, and for many years was Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Cincinnati.

Susan Morrow, mother of three children and a doctor's wife draws us into her comfortable suburban life that suddenly becomes disturbing. She receives an unexpected package from Edward Sheffield, her ex-husband that contains a manuscript, which he wants her to read. Susan could not believe after 20 years had passed that Edward wanted her to read his novel. Old memories returned to her, good and bad. She recognized that she would need to set her past life aside in order fairly critique his book.

She is reluctant to read and waits three months until her husband goes out of town. She finally opens the book! As Susan reads the manuscript, we join her into the fictional bizarre life of character Tony Hastings, a math professor who takes his wife and daughter on vacation to their summer home in Maine.

While traveling at night East on the Interstate approaching Pennsylvania, strange things began to happen. A car traveling in the same direction began to play games. When Tony tried to pass, they constantly cut him off and he eventually hit their car. Three men exited the vehicle and it appeared they were willing to exchange insurances and get ahold of the police. To Tony, it seemed the men were just out for a good time as they did offer to fix his flat tire. To his surprise, the men began to intimidate the family, one-by-one, and would not let up! Two men took the wife and daughter with them in their car and one man took Tony by force in his own car.

The good for nothing thugs set the stage for an unfolding eerie thriller that would change the lives of the Hastings' family forever! The pace moves quickly and becomes terrifying with events that will disturb, horrify, and make one's blood run cold. Revenge and murder take place in the dark of night in the unfamiliar Pennsylvania woods that will keep you guessing and fretting.

Susan finishes the story of Tony and Susan. She arranges to meet with Edward to discuss his book. When she tried to contact him numerous times, she found he had departed from...

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