THE CLARITY IMPERATIVE, video, 2009, CRM learning. Support: leader's guide, participant worksheets, 10 reminder cards.

Author:Woodward, Randy

THE CLARITY IMPERATIVE, Video, 2009, CRM Learning. Support: Leader's Guide, participant worksheets, 10 reminder cards.

Rating: ****


Consisting of a 20-minute video, Leader's Guide with reproducible handouts, and 10 reminder cards, the package includes everything needed to present a two-hour seminar on organizational image. The quality of all materials is superb, and the production values of the video are worthy of a Hollywood studio.

The Leader's Guide is complete and thorough without any extraneous material. The exercises guide participants in first evaluating and then clarifying their organization's purpose, culture, and direction. The entire package is lean and tight.


The Clarity Imperative packs a gripping, insightful message starting with the first frame of video and continuing throughout. The host, consultant John Jenson, delivers a passionate case for organizations to present a clear, simple, and impactful image of their true purpose and direction.

The video uses the metaphor of a mountain stream containing thousands of stones but just a few true gems to illustrate the necessity of sorting through the countless things an organization does to identify and elevate those few that really define what we do...

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