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Zusak, Marcus. THE BOOK THIEF. At nine years old, Liesel Meminger is taken from her mother to live with a foster family in Molching, Germany, during Hitler's rise to power. A most unusual narrator, Death, recounts tales about Liesel's life and the lives of the people she comes to love in her neighborhood.


Carbone, Elisa. LAST DANCE ON HOLLADAY STREET. When Eva's adoptive parents die, she is sent to live with the birth mother she has never met--who turns out to be a prostitute in a brothel on frontier Denver's infamous Holladay Street. How can Eva learn to make her own happiness in her new home?

Durrant, Lynda. THE SUN, THE RAIN, AND THE APPLE SEED: A NOVEL OF JOHNNY APPLESEED'S LIFE. Johnny Appleseed makes it his mission in life to plant apple seeds in the frontier lands of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Larson, Kirby. HATTIE BIG SKY. When Hattie Brooks sets out to claim a homestead in Montana, left to her by an uncle she never knew, she has little idea what is in store for her. Soon she comes to love the land, the people, and the life she will have to fight to preserve.

Nuzum, K.A. A SMALL WHITE SCAR. Will dreams of two things: being a rodeo rider and being free of caring for his brother Danny, who has Down syndrome. When Will sets off to pursue his rodeo dream, Danny follows, forcing them both to confront the ties that bind them.

Wilson, Diane Lee. BLACK STORM COMIN'. To save his family when they are dropped by a wagon train and stranded on the way west, biracial Colton turns to the extremely dangerous but well-paying Pony Express. To become a rider, he must lie about his age and pass for white.


Kuper, Peter. STICKS AND STONES. The stone tribe attacks the stick tribe in this timeless story of power, greed, destruction, love, and hope, told in a wordless graphic novel.

Medley, Linda. CASTLE WAITING. After Sleeping Beauty leaves the castle with her prince, ladies-in-waiting Patience, Prudence, and Plenty stay on to provide a home for those in need. Before long, their home includes pregnant Lady Jain, stork-headed Rackham, and Sister Peace, a wisecracking bearded nun.

Vaughan, Brian K. RUNAWAYS: PRIDE AND JOY. Alex and his friends aren't the only kids ever to accuse their parents of being evil, but they might be the only ones to know for certain that it is true. When Alex and his friends accidentally witness their parents kill an innocent woman, they discover their parents' hidden identity as super-villains.

Yang, Gene Luen. AMERICAN BORN CHINESE. Three stories intertwine: Jin tries to fit in at school despite his Taiwanese background, the legendary Monkey King longs to transcend his monkey nature and become a god, and a white sitcom character is humiliated by his absurdly stereotyped visiting Chinese cousin.


Coleman, Janet Wyman. SECRETS, LIES, GIZMOS, AND SPIES: A HISTORY OF SPIES AND ESPIONAGE. Spies from all over the world and throughout history are described, as well as the tools and techniques they used to ply their trade.

Farrell, Jeanette. INVISIBLE ALLIES: MICROBES THAT SHAPE OUR LIVES. What do cheese, bread, and chocolate have in common? They're all made by microbes--tiny organisms that sometimes make us sick, but also make life as we know it possible ... and delicious!

Fleischman, Sid. ESCAPE! THE STORY OF THE GREAT HOUDINI. As a magician himself, the author brings a deep understanding to the life of the world's greatest conjurer and escape artist.

Gilblin, James Cross. GOOD BROTHER, BAD BROTHER. Edwin Booth's reputation as a classical actor, built over years of study and performances, was destroyed when his brother, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

Oppenheim, Joanne. DEAR MISS BREED. Many young Japanese-Americans received letters and care packages from their friend Miss Breed, the children's librarian at the San Diego Public Library, after they were sent to Japanese internment camps during World War II. Years later, their letters and recollections chronicle a courageous woman who refused to forget and lobbied to protect these innocent Americans.


Abrahams, Peter. DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: AN ECHO FALLS MYSTERY. When one of Echo Falls' most eccentric residents is murdered, 13-year-old Ingrid must find the murderer while also trying to balance school, her parents, playing soccer, and rehearsing her part as the lead in the town's production of Alice in Wonderland.

Bajoria, Paul. THE PRINTER'S DEVIL. Mog, an orphaned printer's apprentice in 18th-century London, meets a boy who looks just like him, and together they follow dangerous clues to solve the mystery of their past.

Lisle, Janet Taylor. BLACK DUCK. During...

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