CLA Greater Boston Cooperative Library Association summer reading list Grades 11 & 12.



Foer, Jonathan. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE: A NOVEL. Inquisitive and precocious 9-year-old Oscar tries to make sense of his father's death on 9/11. When he finds a mysterious key that belonged to his father, Oscar embarks on a journey to find the lock it fits.

Miro, Asha. DAUGHTER OF THE GANGES: THE STORY OF ONE GIRL'S ADOPTION AND HER RETURN JOURNEY TO INDIA. Seeking clues to her past, Asha returns to her native India to find answers from the parents who abandoned her.

Tyler, Anne. DIGGING TO AMERICA. Two Baltimore couples awaiting the arrival of their Korean adoptee infants at the airport resolve to keep in touch--creating a chain of relationships and events that reverberates through their lives forever.

Messud, Claire. THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN. Three Brown graduates in their thirties, friends since college, remain unsettled despite the privileged circles they inhabit.

Lansens, Lori. THE GIRLS. In this fictional memoir, conjoined twins born in a storm and adopted by a childless couple tell their story--which is sometimes funny and sometimes dark, but always revealing of their unique and philosophical perspective.

Edwards, Kim. MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER: A NOVEL. One winter night a doctor's wife goes into labor and delivers twins. With a quick and devastating decision, the doctor changes all of their lives forever.

Smith, Zadie. ON BEAUTY. In a brilliant examination of contemporary life set in academia, Smith's homage to her muse E.M. Forster's Howards End brings together two art experts and their families with vastly different ideologies.

Doyle, Roddy. PAULA SPENCER. A sequel of sorts to Doyle's well-received Woman Who Walked into Doors finds Paula at 48 battling to maintain her sobriety in the midst of her evolving relationships with her sisters and children.

Brown, Carrie. THE ROPE WALK. In this beautiful coming-of-age story, a young girl and her neighbor agree to read to an artist who returns to his home town to die of AIDS. All three become drawn into Lewis & Clark's Journals, and those travels become symbolic of the journeys each of them undertakes.

Patchett, Ann. RUN. A snowy night, a skidding truck, a selfless act; grief and secrets, hopes and dreams, all set amidst the back-drop of Boston's streets--but, oh, the telling!


Anthony, Laurence. BABYLON'S ARK: THE INCREDIBLE RESCUE OF THE BAGHDAD ZOO. The owner of an elephant preserve in Africa is determined to save the starving, dirty, neglected and sick animals who are the "other" victims of the war in Iraq.

Berg, Elizabeth. DREAM WHEN YOU'RE FEELING BLUE: A NOVEL. While their men are at war, the three Heaney sisters make sacrifices of their own in this nostalgic novel set during World War II.

Reich, Howard. THE FIRST AND FINAL NIGHTMARE OF SONIA REICH. Haunting dreams fill the final days of an elderly woman recalling her youth in the Polish Holocaust and her escape from capture.

Cleave, Chris. INCENDIARY: A NOVEL. A family is destroyed when a terrorist bomb explodes at a London soccer match, killing a father and son. With little recourse, the surviving mother begins writing letters to Osama Bin Laden, the man she holds responsible for her grief.

Brooks, Geraldine. MARCH. This Pulitzer Prize-winning story based on the idealized and absent father in Little Women shows how different the realities of his war experience were from those he presents in his letters home.

Nemirovsky, Irene. SUITE FRANCAISE. Written in the months before Nemirovsky's own capture by the Nazis, this recently discovered and translated novel relays the stories of four French families facing the invasion and subsequent occupation of Paris during World War II.

Hicks, Robert. WIDOW OF THE SOUTH. Widow McGavok turns her home into an army hospital and offers her land as a burial ground for the Confederate dead in this incredible portrait of a shameful time in American history.

Ackerman, Diane. THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE: A WAR STORY. When the Nazis invaded Poland, everyone's lives were endangered, even those of the animals and their keepers at the zoo.


Doyle, Roddy. THE DEPORTEES. Doyle's stories focus on the fast-changing immigrant cultures of Dublin. The title story is a follow up to his first novel, The Commitments.

Choi, Annie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR WHATEVER: TRACK SUITS, KIM CHEE, AND OTHER FAMILY DISASTERS. Choi pokes fun at her Korean-American upbringing and the wide...

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