CJR Publications Received

Published date01 December 2022
Date01 December 2022
Subject MatterCJR Publications Received
CJR Publications Received
Burgess, D. R. (2022). When hope and history rhyme: Natural law and human rights from ancient Greece to
modern America (p. 304). Imagine. ISBN: 978-1623545062. $24.99.
Burns, S., & Peyrot, M. (2022). Social problems and social control in criminal justice (p. 265). Lynne Rienner
Publishers. ISBN: 978-1955055215. $95.00.
Haney, L. (2022). Prisons of debt: The afterlives of incarcerated fathers (p. 376). University of California Press.
ISBN: 978-0520297265. $29.95.
Lim, H. (2022). Interpersonal violence against children and youth (p. 238). Lexington Books. ISBN:
978-1793614339. $95.48.
Surette, R. (2022). Copycat crime and copycat criminals (p. 241). Lynne Rienner Publishers. ISBN:
978-1955055246. $95.00.
Walters, G. D. (2022). Criminality and crime: A social-cognitive-developmental theory of delinquent and crim-
inal behavior (p. 318). Rowman & Littlef‌ield. ISBN: 978-1666904420. $110.00.
Criminal Justice Review
2022, Vol. 47(4) 535
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DOI: 10.1177/07340168221127345

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