CJR Publications Received

Published date01 December 2021
Date01 December 2021
Subject MatterCJR Publications Received
CJR Publications Received
Esmail, A., Eargle, L., & Hamann, B. (eds.). (2021). Terrorism inside Americas borders. Hamilton
Books, pp. 272. ISBN: 9780761871002. $90.00.
Garrett, B. (2021). Autopsy of a crime lab: Exposing f‌laws in forensics. University of California
Press, pp. 252. ISBN: 9780520379336. $29.95.
Giles, H., Maguire, E., & Hill, S. (2021). The Rowman & Littlef‌ield handbook of policing, commu-
nication, and society. Rowman & Littlef‌ield, pp. 414. ISBN: 9781538132890. $140.00.
Hinton, A. (2021). It can happen here: White power and the rising threat of genocide in the US.
New York University Press, pp. 304. ISBN: 9781479808014. $29.00.
Lvovsky, A. (2021). Vice patrol: Cops, courts, and the struggle over urban gay life before Stonewall.
The University of Chicago Press, pp. 337. ISBN: 9780226769783. $35.00.
Mijares, T., & McCarthy, R. (2020). The management of police specialized tactical units (3
Charles C. Thomas, pp. 341. ISBN: 9780398093426. $54.95.
Menard, S., & Covey, H. (2021). Adolescent exposure to violence and adult outcomes: Results from
the National Youth Survey Family Study. Lexington Books, pp. 242. ISBN: 9781793650504.
Noble, J. (2021). White-collar and f‌inancial crimes: A casebook of fraudsters, scam artists, and cor-
porate thieves, pp. 183. University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520302891. $29.95.
Peguero, A., & Bondy, J. (2021). Immigration and school safety. Routledge, pp. 106. ISBN:
9780429341397. $22.95.
Wheeler, A., Herrmann, C., & Block, R. (2021). Micro-place homicide patterns in Chicago.
Springer, pp. 75. ISBN: 9783030614461. $44.99.
Criminal Justice Review
2021, Vol. 46(4) 524
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