CJR Publications Received

Published date01 March 2021
Date01 March 2021
CJR Publications Received
Cecil, D. (2020). Fear, justice, and modern true crime. Lynne Rienner Publishers. pp. 181. $45.00. ISBN:
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pp. 148. $36.00. ISBN: 9781003039303.
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Hu, X., Lovrich, N. P., & Cordner, G. (2020). Electronic community-oriented policing. Rowman & Littlefield.
pp. 250. $90.00. ISBN: 9781793607843.
Lageson, S. (2020). Digital punishment: Privacy, stigma, and the harms of data-driven criminal justice. Oxford
University Press. pp. 256. $15.00. ISBN: 9780190872021.
Rahtz, H. (2020). Shots fired: Gun violence in the United States. Lynne Rienner Publishers. pp. 222. $55.00.
ISBN: 9781626378841.
Williams, T. (2020). Le boogie woogie: Inside an after-hours club. Columbia University Press. pp. 304. $30.00.
ISBN: 9780231177894.
Criminal Justice Review
2021, Vol. 46(1) 126
ª2020 Georgia State University
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DOI: 10.1177/0734016820975155

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