CJR Publications Received

Published date01 June 2020
Date01 June 2020
Subject MatterCJR Publications Received
CJR Publications Received
Burkart, P., & McCourt, T. (2019). Why hackers win: Power and disruption in the network society.
University of California Press, 224 pp. $29.95, ISBN: 9780520300132.
Christopher, J. S. (2019). Taking juvenile justice ser iously: Developmental insights and system
challenges. Temple University Press, 304 pp. $39.95, ISBN: 9781439915790.
Felber, G. (2019). Those who know don’t say: The nation of Islam, the Black Freedom Movement,
and the carceral state. The University of North Carolina Press, 272 pp. $22.95, ISBN:
Goodrum, S. (2019). After homicide: Victims’ families in the criminal justice system. Lynne Rienner,
217 pp. $85.00, ISBN: 9781626378322.
Howell, J. C., Lipsey, M. W., Wilson, J. J., Howell, M. Q., & Hodges, N. J. (2019). A handbook for
evidence-based juvenile justice systems. Rowman & Littlefield, 206 pp. $90.00, ISBN:
Kaye, K. (2019). Enforcing freedom: Drug courts, therapeutic communities, and the intimacies of
the state. University of California Press, 360 pp. $35.00, ISBN: 9780231172899.
Niedermeier, S. (2019). The color of the third degree: Racism, police torture, and civil rights in the
American South, 1930–1955. The University of North Carolina Press, 224 pp. $27.95, ISBN:
Criminal Justice Review
2020, Vol. 45(2) 274
ª2020 Georgia State University
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DOI: 10.1177/0734016820905927

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