Citation analysis of authorship and articles characterization in technology and development: A Journal of Scientific and Technological Research.

AuthorAbba, Tukur


The productivity of authors is determined to a large extent by the number of their contribution in journals and other information resources. The purpose of this study is to carry out citation analysis of author and the articles characterization of the Technology and Development Journal. The Technology and Development: A Journal of Scientific and Technological Research is an interdisciplinary journal aimed at promoting research works in science and technology in the areas of agriculture, engineering, environmental science, natural sciences, scientific and technical communication, technology education and other related areas relevant to technological development. The journal is published by Federal University of Technology Yola and intended to be issued twice annually i.e. in (June and December) with a median edition in May, 1991. However, from the investigation by the researchers, it showed that the journal has turned to be an annual publication.

Objectives of the study

This study seeks to determine:

  1. The number of articles published in each volume of the journal;

  2. How many references are cited in terms of journal articles, books and others;

  3. The level of author collaboration;

  4. Authors institutional affiliation;

  5. The subject coverage of the articles published;

  6. The geographical spread of authors.

    Research Questions

  7. How many articles are published in each volume of the journal?

  8. How many references are cited in terms of journals articles, books and others?

  9. What is the level of authors' collaboration?

  10. What are the authors' institutional affiliations?

  11. What is the subject coverage in the each volume?

  12. What is the geographical spread of the authors?

    Literature Review

    Citation analysis involves examining an item's referring documents (citation). It is used in searching for materials and analyzing their merit (LISWIKI, 2009). Sam and Tackie (2007) defined citation analysis as a wide ranging area of bibliometrics that studies the citation to and from documents. Such studies may focus on the documents themselves or on such matters as their authors, the journals articles. According to Aina (1993) a study of the characteristics of the literature of any subject field is considered particularly important given the fact that it leads to the understanding of the discipline. Aliyu and Isah (2006) conducted a study on characteristics of authors in Educational Forum: A journal of the Faculty of Education University of Maiduguri. They reported that 143 authors contributed 133 articles in the five volumes covered in the study. The most published department was education. The most productive author has seven articles from Health Education Department and majority of the contributors are from University of Maiduguri. In a similar study by Abubakar and Garba (2007) on analysis of articles in the Information Technologist Journal, revealed that a total of 44 articles were published in the three issues (2004-2006) covered in the study, majority of the published articles were empirical research...

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