Cinderella--A Love Story.

Cinderella--A Love Story

Gina LoBiondo

Nephthys Publications

9780982264812, $20.00, PB, 130pp,

Synopsis: Ella's parents are young and in love and the family is happy until Marie suddenly dies. Her father remarries, hoping to give his beloved child a mother's love and care. But Charles's new wife is a cruel, unaffectionate woman, who cares only for her own two very backward daughters, and turns her step-daughter into a servant. Ten years later, when the King throws a ball in honor of his son, Ella's only chance at happiness comes from a most unexpected source.

Critique: "Cinderella--A Love Story" by Gina LoBiondo is a new re-working of one of literature's best known and most beloved faerie tales. This time it is set somewhere in mid-16th...

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