Churchill's War against the Zeppelin 1914-18 Men, Machines and Tactics.

Author:Bobrow, Carl J.
Position:Book review

Churchill's War Against the Zeppelin 1914-18 Men, Machines and Tactics. By Leon Bennett. Solihull, U.K.: Helion & Company Publishing, 2015. Photographs. Illustrations. Bibliography. Notes. Index. Pp.424. $59.95 ISBN: 1-909982-84-9

If I were asked to select the best book of the year on World War I aviation history, there is little doubt that Leon Bennett's newest work, Churchill's War Against the Zeppelin 1914-18 Men, Machines and Tactics, would be my choice. This book delves into the workings of the British and German struggle that was played out in the skies over England in the early years of the war. It is a complex story that is well-told and examined in great depth.

Bennett covers the technological underpinnings of the German ascendency in rigid airships and the British response for homeland security, as the UK was "No longer an Island." The geo-political struggle, both in England and Germany, is covered not only with an excellent analysis but also with the brilliant use of contemporary political cartoons, which are a stroke of genius for the reader's benefit.

Bennett is obviously well versed in the principles of flight and has made use of drawings to illustrate both basic and more complex technical issues involving both airships and aircraft. His conclusions regarding, and interpretations of, Winston Churchill are insightful. They neither condemn nor unfairly judge the man. Rather, they place him precisely at the center...

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