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Author:French, Christy Tillery
Position:'Dying for a Dance' and 'Catching Fire' - Children's review - Book review

Dying for a Dance

Cindy Sample

L&L Dreamspell

9781603184274 $16.95 paperback, $4.99 ebook

Single mom Laurel McKay reluctantly agrees to take dancing lessons for a routine for her best friend's upcoming wedding in Lake Tahoe. Klutzy Laurel trips during a practice dance, breaking the heel of her shoe. Later that night, that same heel is found sticking out of the mouth of one of the male instructors, dead in the parking lot with a pool of blood under his head. Laurel thinks things can't get much worse but they do when Detective Tom Hunter shows up to investigate. Hunter pegged Laurel as a suspect in a prior murder and now it looks like the same thing is happening all over again. To add insult to injury, Laurel's still reeling over the fact that Hunter dumped her without an explanation after a two week dating spree. To make matters worse, Laurel's mother is now engaged to Hunter's retired partner, a man who also pegged Laurel as a murderer. When the wife of Laurel's boss becomes the primary suspect, he asks Laurel to help clear his wife's name. Laurel's only too happy to do so and off she goes on another amateur sleuthing rampage, dancing all the way, with a whole plethora of suspects to investigate.

This follow-up to Dying for a Date featuring Laurel McKay is another hilarious romp filled with twists and turns and a vexing mystery. Sample introduces her readers to the fiercely competitive world of competition dancing and does not disappoint with the sizzling chemistry between Laurel and Detective Hunter. Sample's one liners are amusing and her development of Laurel McKay as a caring, self deprecating, everyday woman is well done. This reviewer looks forward to the next in this series.

Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins

Scholastic Press

557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012-3999

9780439023498, $9.99,

This follow-up to The Hunger Games finds Katniss back in District 12, residing in a nice house in Victory Park with her mother and sister. Peeta and Haymitch live nearby although Katniss rarely sees them. She occasionally goes on hunting sprees with her best friend Gale but they never speak of their feelings for one another. Just before Katniss is scheduled to leave with Peeta for...

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