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Author:French, Christy Tillery
Position:Rasner's Revenge: The Rasner Effect III; St. Louis Hustle: 'Nam Noir Series - Book review

Rasner's Revenge: The Rasner Effect III

Mark Rosendorf

L&L Dreamspell

376 West Quarry Road, London, Texas 76854

9781603183437, $15.95,

Two weeks after the breakup of the Duke Organization, its leader, Rick Rasner, is incarcerated in a mental asylum with a roommate who claims to be king of an African island. Rick plots his escape with one goal in mind: to kill General William Straker, the man who put him there, before Straker can kill him. Teenager Clara Blue, whom Rick helped escape from the Brookhill Psychiatric Institute, is trying to rebuild the Duke organization so she can rescue Rick, but not having much luck. Clara has a secret, one which will be the end of her life if Rick finds out, but she is willing to take that chance in order to help the man she perceives as her surrogate father. She ultimately decides the only one who can help her is Rick's nemesis, Jake Scarberry. Although Jake has tried to kill Rick twice before, Clara hopes if she offers him enough money, his mercenary skills can be bought and he can put aside his hatred for Rick long enough to save his life.

Once more, Rosendorf fills the book with unlikeables, bringing to life characters who are merciless and cruel and whom readers will not feel much sympathy for. However, this ingenious strategy works for this series, and redemption hovers for some. The plot moves fast, packed with action and suspense and nicely tuned twists and turns.

St. Louis Hustle: 'Nam Noir Series

Claire Applewhite

L&L Dreamspell

376 West Quarry Road, London, Texas 76854

9781603183062, $15.95,

In this second installment of the 'Nam Noir Series, Elvin Suggs and Dimond "Di" Redding, along with their friend, fellow Vietnam vet Cobra Glynes, have begun a new chapter in...

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