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Author:French, Christy Tillery
Position:Winds of Fate and Morning Menace - Book review

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Winds of Fate

Caitlyn Hunter

L&L Dreamspell

Hunter, TX

9781603182843 $11.95

After her Cherokee grandmother's death, Schuyler Lambert finds a list of women's names with their dates of birth and death. What bothers Schuyler is her name is the last one on the list with a message to her to "challenge the winds of Fate". Schuyler goes to Cherokee, NC hoping to find answers and there meets a mysterious man who communicates with her telepathically. Josh Harlan tells Schuyler they've been together through six lifetimes in the past, spanning over two hundred years, relaying to her the legend of Blowing Rock and the roles he and she played in that saga which has destined them to be separated each lifetime through an early death. This lifetime, their seventh, is the last chance they will have to prove to Fate that they should be allowed to be together but they only have a short time to accomplish this before Schuyler is doomed to die. Will they be able to reverse their ultimate destiny?

Caitlyn Hunter excels at spinning intriguing romantic tales based on Native American legends. Her characters are vivid and heartwarming and so likeable the reader will be vested in their quest to change their doomed destiny. The romance sizzles in a story that is magical and sweet and too good to put aside. This excellent book is not just for romance readers but for all who like an exceptional story written in prose with a beautiful poetic cadence, taking the reader on a romantic adventure filled with enchantment and suspense.

Morning Menace: Book One of the Menace Trilogy

Terri Ann Armstrong

Amazon Digital Services

B003QMKVWG $0.99 (ebook)


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