Christopraxis: A Practical Theology of the Cross.

Author:Mattes, Mark
Position:Book review

Christopraxis: A Practical Theology of the Cross. By Andrew Root. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2014. ISBN; 978-1-4514-78150. xvi and 311 pages. Paper. $39.00.

This book is a study in "practical theology," a discipline that seeks to connect theology with church practice. This book is unique in that it counters secular trends in the discipline. In opposition to voices that focus solely on the contributions of the social sciences to practical theology, Root seeks to honor "evangelical experience," in which people claim that God is active in their lives. Based on the testimonies of lay people from two Pacific Northwest congregations, Root shows that they imply a "realism" with respect to God: God is active in molding their faith journeys. For Root, ministry then is at the intersection of where God meets people's needs. He articulates a "Christopraxis practical theology of the cross" that honors Jesus' continued ministry and sees ministry as helping people discern how God is working in their lives. The key for deciphering God's role in people's lives is the doctrine of justification by faith, for which Root appeals to the contemporary German theologian, Eberhard Jungel...

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