Chosen People: An Alex Powell Novel.

Author:Johnson, Melissa Ewey
Position::Brief article - Book review

Chosen People: An Alex Powell Novel by Karen Grigsby Bates Avon Trade, April 2006 $12.95, ISBN 0-060-55972-1

We all have secrets, but for some of people, secrets have the potential not just to embarrass them but also to destroy them, as well. Among elite members of society with an image to uphold, these secrets must be protected at all costs. So what happens when someone threatens to expose them? Early in Grigsby Bates's novel, the second in the Alex Powell mystery series, such a person meets an untimely demise, and the characters and circumstances involved are sure to shock and surprise.

Powell, a plucky columnist for a Los Angeles newspaper, is covering a reading by Simp Hastings, a Lawrence Otis Graham-like author, who has penned a controversial Who's Who of the wealthiest members of...

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