The development of Chinese ethnic communities in greater Boston.

Author:Lo, Shauna
Position:9E Paper Summary - Brief article

(Original Title: Change and Continuity: Boston's Chinese American Community at the Turn of the 21st Century)

Since the 1870s, Chinatown has been the center of the Chinese community in Greater Boston and the only neighborhood with a significant concentration of Chinese Americans. However, Boston's Chinatown has faced numerous threats. Since the 1950s, its land area has been reduced by one-third due to urban renewal projects and institutional development. More recently, Chinatown has been undergoing a process of rapid gentrification as real-estate developers rush to build high-rise office buildings and market-rate or luxury housing.

As Chinese looked elsewhere to settle, two new Chinese communities began to form in Quincy and Malden in the 1980s. These two cities are within ten miles of Chinatown, are accessible by subway, and offer affordable housing, and while the Chinese population has increased dramatically over two decades in Quincy and Malden, it has remained more or less constant in Chinatown. Indeed, the Chinese population in Quincy prior to 1980 was only a few...

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