Chinese Couplet: "El Barrio Chino" and "My Mother's Names".

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Chinese Couplet: "El Barrio Chino" and "My Mother's Names" Presented by Felicia Lowe Moderator: Willard Chin Session 3G Friday, 1:45-3:00 Sakura A

SYNOPSIS: El Barrio Chino is a story about the power of truth and reconciliation, and its impact on four generations in three countries: China, Cuba, and America. It is the journey of a Chinese American woman trying to unravel the mystery surrounding her grandfather who went to Cuba in 1920, leaving behind his pregnant wife. It is about Lowe's mother, who was born in his absence and who met him for the first time when she was 15 years old. My Mother's Names explores the impact of Lowe's grandfather's absence on the people he left behind. The grandmother, essentially, became a single mother with two young daughters to support in Doo Tao Village. In war-torn China, she managed to get her daughters out of the country. Buying a paper name was one route, and that became her second name. She would have four others in her lifetime and the social and political context of those name changes will be at the heart of this piece.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Felicia Lowe is a veteran independent television producer...

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