ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. has released its Second Quarter 2013 China Internet Report. Data shows that average Internet connection speed in China increased 12% in the second quarter of 2013 to 3.3 Mb/s, from 2.9 Mb/s in the first quarter, with over half of China's Internet population accessing the Internet at average speeds above 2Mb/s.

Shanghai continued to have the country's fastest access, with an average connection speed of 5.1 Mb/s, making it the only province with average connection speeds above 5Mb/s.

Among China's three major carriers, China Telecom remained the fastest in the second quarter of 2013, at 3.4 Mb/s, followed by China Unicom's 3.1 Mb/s and China Mobile's 2.8 Mb/s. Both China Telecom and China Unicom achieved double- digit increases in speed from the first quarter, while China Mobile's average speeds experienced a marginal decline of 0.05 Mb/s quarter-over-quarter.

ChinaCache's China Internet Report provides a comprehensive picture of China's Internet landscape, including Internet users' geographic distribution, connection speed and bandwidth access statistics, carrier-specific data, operating system usage and more.

"China is stepping up its efforts to drive the deployment and uptake of high-speed broadband services for both rural and urban areas as part of the initiatives under the 'Broadband China' strategy. In support of these initiatives, ChinaCache publishes the quarterly China Internet Report to present key data points and to help document China's Internet progress. According to our latest report, average Internet speeds in China exceeded 3 Mb/s for the first time, reaching 3.3 Mb/s in the second quarter of 2013," commented Dr. Ken Zhang, President of ChinaCache. "With large amount of data running on our network and over the CC Index platform every day, ChinaCache analyzes the raw traffic and provides these comprehensive quarterly reports for carriers, ISPs, content providers and individual users. This quarter's report marks the first time we have included an analysis of Chinese Internet users' operating systems, through which we have found that 70% of Internet users in China are still using Windows XP. In future reports, we will continue adding new metrics to provide even greater perspective on China's Internet landscape. As an Internet expert with 15 years of experience at the forefront of the CDN industry and with our groundbreaking...

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