Children will listen ... and paint.

Author:Durrani, Anayat
Position:WORKS IN PROGRESS - Brief article

Miles and miles of murals for peace is the goal of Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis. The Oceanside, California, husband-and-wife team founded the Art Miles Mural Project in 1997 as a way to promote peace and unite children of the world. Joanne, a retired United Nations executive, was inspired while working in postconflict Bosnia and Herzegovina. On a bullet-riddled bed sheet, she recalls, 350 orphans painted the first mural "after five days of discussion, crying, grieving, and building consensus."

The project has since coordinated more than 4,000 murals created by over half a million people from more than 100 countries. Each measures 12 by 5 feet and is based on one of 12 themes: diversity, environment, sports, music, women, seniors, celebrity, fairy tales, peace...

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