Chicago's Designs.

Author:Cox, James A.
Position:Book review

Chicago's Designs

Peter H. Green

Greenskills Press

9781941402146, $14.95, PB, 282pp,

Synopsis: Patrick MacKenna, a young architect, amateur sleuth and suitor of the beautiful Gloria Bohannon has it made. But when he accepts the design challenge of a new casino and resort project for Gloria's father, malapropic Mob boss "Chicago Joe" Bohannon, conflicts quickly complicate his promising career.

He spots a fedora-topped man on a window washer's scaffold and stumbles on a murder case, which police think is mob-related, and becomes a suspect. Meanwhile he falls helplessly for Kitty, a brainy waitress his father has brought over from Ireland to work and sing in his family's Irish pub. But a chance encounter with Gloria and her ex-stripper mother as he tours Kitty through the Art Institute reveals his duplicity and sets off a chain of events he can't control.

Although Patrick has let down his client's daughter, he must find a way to finish the project, help law enforcement solve the crime and clear his name. In this dark crime thriller, set in rough-and-tumble Chicago at the turn...

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