Chembo Corniel & Grupo Chaworo: Things I Wanted To Do.

Author:Varela, Jesse


Things I Wanted To Do

(Chemboró Records)


Solid NYC Latin jazz is what percussionist Wilson "Chembo" Corniel delivers on his fourth alburn as a leader. Things I Wanted to Do gels with a cast of gifted sidemen such as Iván Renta (sax), Ello Villafranca (piano), Carlos de Rosa (acoustic bass), and Vince Cherico (trap drums). The guest stars ara equally irnpressive and include the likes of Dave Samuels, Jimmy Bosch and Padre Martínez.

The opener, Buena Gente, sets the tone for the albura, with a flewing hard-bop melody played over a medium-uptempo, endowed with an Afro-Cuban 6/8 bridge. Known as the pride of Coarno (Puerto Rico), Renta delivers his lines with masterful clarity and fluidity, and proves to be a spark for several highlights throughout the album. But it's his rendering of the Bobby Collazo bolero Tenía Que Ser Así that is simply stunning and shows the depth of his talent.

The Ello Villafranca composition titled Habana features the volca and batá drumming of Pedro Martínez, an extremely gifted Cuban percussionist now living in New York, and the guest artist on several tracks. Ello lays down a superb solo on said place, showing his tendency to employ complex jazz harmonies for his melodic inventions. But it's Vince Cherico who takes it home with an energetic trap drum solo...

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