Cheese and Culture.

Author:Romeo, Lisa
Position:Book review

; CHEESE AND CULTURE; Chelsea Green Publishing (Nonfiction: Culture) 24.95 ISBN: 9781603584111

Byline: Lisa Romeo

Cheese, glorious cheese. Who knew the 9,000 years of innovation, lore, history, and romance in your story? Who knew skim milk cheeses initially flourished not for diet reasons, but because they were cheaper for London's working-classes? That higher-temperature cooking techniques contributed to the development of dry and aged cheeses? Or that economics, religion, social mores, climate, and -- well, nearly anything -- has influenced the evolution of cheese in all its forms, styles, tastes, shapes, and uses? Paul S. Kindstedt knows, and now, through his impeccably researched, and carefully assembled book, any cheese lover can know, too.

Kindstedt, a professor of food science at the University of Vermont (oh, glorious cheese- making state!), co-author of the 2005 volume American FarmsteadCheese, and co-director of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, is certainly credentialed. But he's also clearly passionate about his subject, parsing the history and intersection of cheese and culture into an intriguing narrative.

As he notes in the introduction, "a grand narrative binds all cheeses together into a single history, that started with the discovery of cheese making, and that is still unfolding." Way beyond how man invented/discoveredcheese and why, readers get the most detailed backstory...

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