Cheers for NPG.

AuthorMuller, F. Bernard
PositionFROM READERS - Letter to the editor

Cheers for Rebecca Redfield! ["From Readers," March/April] The negative population growth that she wants should get extended and detailed coverage in World Watch, and her proposal, instead of getting your defensive put-off, should be acted on by World Watch right away; it is shamefully long overdue.

We all need to know far more about negative population growth. What is the full nature, extent, and likely consequences of the environmental impact of humanity--our impact on all parts of the environment, the upper and lower atmosphere, oceans, inland waters, soils, forests, and the effects of that impact? How serious is it for human and for other life? Can it be halted? Reversed? What is needed and feasible? What global population, living at what standard of living, might be sustainable and capable of being in balance with nature? How can the world be...

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