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Date21 November 2022

In the summer, it was strawberries. In the fall, apples.

The fruit found my face much more frequently than it landed in the quart containers or bushel baskets.

As a kid visiting the farm outside Louisville in my youth, I never imagined looking up toward the sky and seeing a drone.

My how times have changed.

Technology, including drones, is having a big impact on South Carolina's agribusiness industry. And the Palmetto State is leading the way in implementing change across the country and globe.

So it's fitting that technology's role in reshaping agribusiness is the theme of this issue of SCBIZ Magazine.

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Inside you'll read about Clemson's new Center for Agricultural Technology, which focuses on education, outreach and research with the goal of positively impacting global food supply, farmers' productivity and agricultural sustainability locally, regionally and globally, Krys Merryman reports.

Merryman also talked to Clemson professor Joe Mari J. Maja here's where the drones come in who oversees the Department of Agricultural Sciences Sensor and Automation Laboratory. His work with the unmanned aerial vehicles has given farmers the tools necessary to address environmental needs based on...

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