Author:Spitz, Shannan
Position:Book review

Susan Cummins Miller; CHASM; Texas Tech University Press (Fiction: Mystery) 45.00 ISBN: 9780896729148

Byline: Shannan Spitz

As hunters track their prey and danger becomes more and more imminent, a twisted and haunting past is revealed.

Chasm, the sixth book in the Frankie MacFarlane mysteries, by Susan Cummins Miller, is a suspenseful read filled with murderous men and the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Naomi Sprague is a sixteen-year-old girl brought up in a fundamentalist sect of the Mormon Church. She is promised to be the third wife of a much older man, Ben, who is the usual cause for the bruises on his wives and children. Frankie MacFarlane is a geologist in Tucson and is asked to fill in for a professor for a class rafting through the Grand Canyon. The one thing Naomi and Frankie have in common, besides their mutual friend Dora, is that they are both being hunted and their only escape is threatened by a band of ecoterrorists. When Naomi escapes the Family under the cover of night, she heads down a path to meet up with people who have saved others from the trappings of that lifestyle. To reach her final destination, she changes her looks (and her name) enough to blend in with Frankie's traveling geology class.

Miller, a former field geologist...

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